Do you know Rolex's ceramic rings?

Do you know swiss replica watches 's ceramic rings? replica watches uk developed a patented Cerachrom ceramic outer ring in 2005. And before the water ghost, equipped in the GMT Greenwich series. The basic raw material of the ceramic ring is a very fine zirconium dioxider or aluminum oxide powder having a particle diameter of less than one micron. The powder needs to be mixed with the binder and dye. The mixed raw material is pressed under high pressure. After the molding of the raw material texture is still very fragile, to be put into the furnace to continue firing. The second calcination was carried out by the first firing, followed by a second calcination at a temperature of up to 1,600 degrees Celsius (2,900 degrees Fahrenheit), and the hardness was much better than steel. During the firing and sintering process, the volume of the ceramic ring is reduced by about 25% and presents the final color. Finally, each outer ring is precisely machined into the desired size and shape for assembly. At this time the ceramic has been extremely hard, only the diamond turning tool to its cutting. Injection molding Ceramic is made from a mixture of rolex replica different chemical ingredients and added with a binder to allow the ceramic to be molded. The resulting wet clay will be treated with high pressure to form a word blank. The first high temperature treatment can remove the adhesive, leaving only the ceramic. Impregnated This is a key step in coloring. The circle will be injected into the chemical solution, the process must be very careful to make the circle absorb the solution. The compound formula must also be balanced with the concentration and weight of the formulated solution. sintering The word was then sintered at 1,600 degrees Celsius. This high temperature treatment will determine the final hardness and strength of the ceramic. In this process, the circle will shrink about 25%, and the color will reveal the front. Precision Machining The inner and outer edges of the circle are machined with diamond tools to achieve the precise shape and size required for the mechanical assembly process and to modify the appearance to perfection. The sintered ceramic is very hard, only diamond tools can be cut in the word circle. High technology and classic aesthetics The whole piece of the whole shape of the circle, very strong, in line with Rolex watch quality and reliable performance requirements. As with all Rolex circles, this design has excellent scratch resistance, corrosion resistance, even if the UV light does not fade, shape also the same attention. Ceramic luster makes the word circle more stereoscopic, while enhancing the color effect, and the word polished surface contrast, resulting in three-dimensional effect, clear and easy to read.