N Factory 2017 V7 version of the Rolex Sea to make the blue and black ghost king and authentic contrast

This replica watches for the Rolex sea to make series 116660-98210 blue plate swiss replica watches, commonly known as the gradual change of blue and black devil king! At present Rolex genuine, 40mm sailors include (niggas, ghosts), 44mm sea to include (Ghost Blue Ghost King, Black Devils), now more than 4 watches, except for niggas better buy, other green Ghosts, gradient blue, are into the bursts of money, followed by Xiaobian does not agree with the domestic purchase, especially in Shanghai, too dark, driving up the price significantly, not as a pass to lie in Hong Kong or Macau, that play, but also The right price to buy the new fake watches, but to add that is the individual style, but also out of stock, take the current introduction of this gradient blue nigga king, but also out of stock, need to advance booking style! The picture shows the authentic work of the gradual change of the blue ghost king, very fortunate in the occasion of the New Year in Macau to buy the beloved gradient blue nigga king, the size just right, the color of the mess of a mess, so that small love can not stop, once and for all is not boast The Who is who knows! On the left side of the figure for the authentic, right for the re-engraved, both N plant V7 version of the gradual change of blue and black ghost king, the current N plant gradient blue nigga king has been upgraded to the V7 version, with 2017 authentic Rolex sea to make the same level, The outer ring is black, but the ceramic Oh! Wearing process to be careful to wear a little bit, N factory gradient blue nigga king outer ring is also ceramic, and authentic, is a one-way rotating ceramic outer ring, watch The title of the screw-type crown, engraved degree is still quite high, the crown design, ceramic ring texture, with my just started the gradient blue and black ghost king is very similar, if not because of the film, the basic is not Out of the very 666. On the N factory gradient blue nigga king, under the genuine, 44 mm sea with 40 mm submersible back cover difference is very obvious, 40 mm submersible back cover is no word, only 44 mm back cover is there The word. Suddenly a little regret, and this N factory gradient blue and black ghost king work really good, back cover fonts, including the strap and the case of the link is also exactly the same, the domestic factory this level of technology is really not simple. On the N plant gradient blue and black ghost king, the next authentic, clasped for the Rolex independent research and development of the folding buckle, wear Rolex can not be done on the left side of the figure is genuine, you can see the next watch on the scratches, Xiaobian I every day Is to sit at the desk, do not Gansha, give me a new clasp to scratch, no wonder genuine service to provide free polishing business, but fortunately no charge, can not cry to death, so if you wear genuine clothes friends, Remember not to go to work clothes to move, otherwise all scratches, Xiao Bian has been experienced. N factory V7 version of the clasp, as smooth, not the matte side, and 2017 models of Rolex is exactly the same! The last of the last, for everyone to see my genuine hand map, how? Is not it handsome? Genuine Rolex movement is the Rolex 3135 movement, walking time super quasi-I wear this watch every day the basic error is 1 second to 2 seconds, simply do not feel the error problem, once again reflects the Rolex Super Observatory, N plant Gradual blue niggas movement is divided into domestic 2836 movement is Hangzhou movement, and then is a so-called new 3135 movement, the new 3135 movement is modified with Hangzhou 2836, I also bought a 3135 movement, but I do not recommend to everyone, because after I tested 3135 travel time and not 2836 when the trip is stable, it is recommended that you still into the 2836 is better.